Domestic Title Insurance

Protect one of the most important investments you'll ever make . . . The investment in your home.

A title is a document that gives evidence of your ownership of property. Title insurance is the policy, usually issued by a title insurance company, that insures you against defects in or claims against your title. This search is an examination of municipal records to determine the legal ownership of the property, and is performed here at First Integrity Tile located in Naples, Florida.

The cost of your title insurance policy is usually a function of the value of the property. Your lender or closing agent will secure title insurance for the property.

Closing on your home, commercial property or land
We help you with this important step. When setting the day of your closing, be sure it falls within your lender's commitment period, so your interest rate lock-in, if there is one, remains valid.

It is the proverbial "signing on the dotted line" the process of which will:

 Put the title to the house in your name
 Verify homeowners' insurance on the property
 Commit in writing to the terms of the mortgage
 In most cases, put the keys to the house in your hands

In general, you will leave the closing and go to your new home as a homeowner. The weeks and months of anticipation are all settled in the short amount of time that you spend at the closing. Closing procedures will vary based on a variety of conditions

What to expect at closing
In some cases, the buyers and sellers (as well as their Real Estate Agents) will all attend the closing. However, in most situations, only the buyers will be present. The closing will take place at the office of First Integerity Title, Naples (again, there is some variance here based on your particular situation).

In general, though, the closing will be attended by all of the buyers involved and the Closing Agent, who has reviewed all of the components of the house sale and who is the one who will say "sign here" more times than you have ever heard in your life!